New Album Love & Fire and new single - It's So Real

Destined for dance floors worldwide, ‘It’s So Real’ is The Black Seeds at their party best. Driven by an infectious muted guitar riff and backed by a rock-solid bass and drum groove, ‘It’s So Real’ weaves and tantalises.The groove constantly evolves, dropping in and out creating an enticing labyrinth of rhythm and melody with TheBlack Seeds co-frontman, BarnabyWeir, and his distinct vocals, the glue that holds the track together.


All big statement tunes deserve a big statement video, and ‘It’s So Real’ is no exception.

Director Ria Simmons worked closely with Barnaby to visually capture the sentiment of the tune and its “gritty, sexy, funky undertones”.

Barnaby rang me and told me it was a song basically about the domestic grind and trying to make things work with your partner,” says Ria. “With the title of the song, we knew it needed to hold some home truths. We got onto the idea of following Barnaby and his son Miles on their daily grind – a week of stay-at-home dad activities. Then weaving the idea that it's all to impress the Mrs, and we stumbled into the idea of mashing up super heroism with domesticity.”


“From there the concept grew to the super powers needed to get through life in general. We want to encourage people to see the fun and magic in the normal everyday grind and believe that super heroism can be the smallest of acts, like washing the dishes!”

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